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I'm Sammy. I'm a 36 year young wife and mom, and if you haven't caught on yet, I review hotels. I've collected hotel room key cards since I can remember. My fascination with exploring and experiencing new places started when I was a kid. Memories of vacations with my family are ones that I hold close to my heart. And the memories I have created and continue to create, solo or with my family, are memories that I hope I can preserve through this blog. 

Conversations with friends, family, and strangers, as well as travel blogs, photos and articles in magazines, and of course post on social media, all lead me to the endless spiral of searching for my next adventure.

Why a blog and why now? I wanted to express and document my experiences, and instead of letting my photos sit stagnant on my phone and strain searching beyond the depths of my soul trying to sort through misplaced memories, a blog seemed like the best solution. And now is a good time to start. Here it goes!  

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